Friday, September 28, 2007


Slander Our Troops

Dear Rush Limbaugh:

How dare you. How fucking dare you. How you can sit there, in your air-conditioned, well-paid-for studio as far from a firefight as humanly possible, sitting on the ass that got you out of military service and call people who, even though they do not believe in the cause, still put their lives on the line to protect civilians as well as their fellow soldiers "phonies"?

Were these soldiers phonies, Rush? They had their boots on the ground. They saw what was going on, and wrote back to America to tell about it. And now they're dead. Are you going to go to their families and tell them that their service meant absolutely nothing?

What you are, Mr. Limbaugh, is a disgrace. A man who is so tiny, he has to belittle true American heroes because they won't back up his rapidly collapsing paradigms.

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