Thursday, September 13, 2007


We Are Professionals Who Sound Like Rank Amateurs

So, a few days ago, MoveOn posted a video of Katie "Restoring Journalistic Integrity By Smiling A Lot" Couric doing the talking points tango with Bush and Gen. Petraeus.

So, at the entreaty of people who care, some commenters decided to e-mail CBS News and asks them why their top-flight journalist was repeating what the surge's primary backers said almost word-for-word without questioning it. Their delightful and reasonable response?

Actually most intelligent people were very impressed by the quality of our reports from Iraq and Syria …Apparently you missed most of the interviews that were done over there…imagine you got your information from a blog somewhere…

Yup. Most likely. In fact, there's a reason why that guy probably got most of his information from a blog somewhere. And do you know why?

It's because you guys aren't doing your fucking jobs.

I don't ask for Watergate, people. I just ask that you make sure someone isn't lying when he tells you everything is sunshine and happiness.

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