Friday, November 30, 2007


Reaping and Sowing

So, apparently the Republican candidates didn't come off so well at the CNN/YouTube debate. When asked questions about serious issues like torture, gays serving in the military, or the literal value of the Bible by, well, a crowd of average Americans, including some loyal Republican voters, they flailed about and reached for answers. The results weren't pretty, as proven when an openly gay general stuck around to hammer the candidates on their opinions on Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

So, of course, the wingnut welfare brigade are blaming this all on the Democrats. Apparently, those pinko commie lefties at CNN skewed the debate by selecting only the biggest whackos for the debate, and by putting Democratic plants in the audience (never mind the fact that the general, although he volunteered for Hillary, is a member of the Log Cabin Republicans). They're upset about the fact that the candidates came off as nutbags.

First of all, this was a debate for the people. Some of those people are going to be liberals. We do not lose our rights to citizenship because we register as Democrats, no matter how often Ann Coulter daydreams about it. Second of all... at a previous debate, Tom Tancredo and two then-candidates were all too happy to deny the existence of evolution. All the candidates save McCain believe torture is a perfectly valid and wholesome means of extracting info, and they're willing to talk down to the man who was tortured as if he's a child. Romney and Giuliani are fully willing to throw the Fourth Amendment in the crapper. If you're wondering why so many whackos are following you about, it might be because you're leaving whacko bait.

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