Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yes, We, Too, Have Idiots

Yes, Ann Coulter is a shrieking harpy. Yes, she is a hateful bigot. Yes, she lowers the national discourse just by exhaling. But when the hell were we supposed to stoop to her level?

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter is nationally notorious for vitriolic broadsides, but she has been unnerved by invective she received at her Palm Beach home. So much so that she got the county property appraiser to remove her name from public records identifying where she lives.

In doing so, she won an exemption from public disclosure of her address, allowed by law for victims of stalkers or harassment.

Coulter, 45, has called Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a ''faggot'' and said she wished he would be killed by terrorists. She once said President Clinton ''could be a lunatic'' and wrote of a group of widows of men killed in the World Trade Center that she had 'never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much.''

So maybe it came as no surprise when somebody delivered a greeting card to her home in March with this salutation: ``You self-aggrandizing -- sociopath!! The only thing left after a nuclear war are you and cockroaches.''

And similarly shining bon mots, perfectly on par with the drivel she gets published, continue on throughout the article.

Once again, folks, don't stoop to their level. We've seen the nutbagosphere do this before with the New York Times, with student protesters, with Graeme Frost, and every time, we have decried them. There are lines you do not cross, and the privacy of one's home is one of them.

I definitely agree, although I do think this sort of thing is to a degree sadly inevitable when you're a high-profile figure and especially when your "household name" status comes from politics. That of course doesn't excuse it - etc., etc.

Frankly I'd find this much more disturbing and disappointing if Ann Coulter was just a blogger or a relatively obscure politico along the lines of Anna Marie Cox or Megan McArdle.
Maybe the guy who delivered the card wasn't a Democrat. Maybe he was the last remaining member of Ross Perot's American Reform Party.
No? Jesse Ventura's Independence Party? The CPUSA?

I know he wasn't a Libertarian. They aren't that assertive.
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