Friday, December 07, 2007


And So It Continues

We didn't think it would change anything. Sure, we hoped. Sure, we struggled. But Bush stood in opposition to it, and would not bend.

So, apparently, it's gone. The hate crimes measure has been removed from the defense spending bill, as Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy say the bill would not survive the House Republicans.

Again, I say: where are your spines? Your opponents are a lame duck president with an approval rating under 30% and a party currently in the minority. Are you going to sit there and take it as they kill funding for the troops just because they're not comfortable with the idea of protecting gays and lesbians? Or are you going to go forward with the bill and tell them that you will let everyone in America know what their priorities are if the bill is killed?

Hopefully, something will be done with the free-standing bill. But if the Democrats can't stand up for this, I wonder just how far it will go.

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