Friday, December 07, 2007


No Latkes For You!

Shorter Christopher Hitchens: "Oh, if only those lovely, rational Greeks had stomped the hell out of the Jews! Then there would have been a wonderful golden age of logic from the same people who believed that their chief deity gave birth to his own daughter through his cranium, and none of this Judeo-Christian nonsense!"

Not that I'm knocking Greek mythology, but jeez, Hitchens really thinks that the enforcement of the Greek state religion (which is what the Seleucid did when they invaded Judea) over Judaism was the start of a great shining golden age of logic. Viva imperialism, I suppose.

I suppose Hitchens, with all his understanding of history, never read about how Platonism, Stoicism, and Aristotle's writings also shaped Christianity and Islam.

It says a lot about the reasons why Hitchens supported the invasion of Iraq, doesn't it?
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