Sunday, January 13, 2008


What With Them Women, And Their Vaginas And Such

In case you thought the Clinton Cloaca Cuckoo Craze applied only to Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough comes along to prove that there's nothing news media fears more than a talking vagina.

"Chris, we don't want to take sides," former GOP congressman Scarborough said innocently. "So I'm not gonna bring up the fact that Barbara Walters, a journalist, told Nancy Pelosi she wanted to have sex with Nancy Pelosi's husband. We also will not bring up that journalist Barbara Walters told Faith Hill she wanted to have sex, on air, with Tim McGraw. Instead, I'm just going to ask you this straight question: Does Barbara Walters have a point?"

Now, I can count the number of worthwhile things The View has produced on a hand that I just ran through a garbage disposal. But it's... well, interesting that, even though he doesn't want to take sides, Joe Scarborough can't help but point out that Barbara Walters isn't a serious journalist because she's sexually forward. Because we all know, women who are sexually forward are sluts with no legitimacy. I thought we were supposed to be defusing the misogyny accusations here.

Oh, and according to Matthews, it's a "historic fact" that the only reason Hillary won her Senate seat was because her husband cheated on her. No, I highly doubt that exit polls said that the number one concern on the minds of the populace of New York was whether or not the candidate's spouse had porked outside of marriage. You just have to realize that Chris Matthews is a serious journalist, because he doesn't talk about how much he's going to have sex with the subjects of his reporting.

Well, except for George W. Bush.

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