Monday, February 04, 2008


Cats And Dogs, Living Together

What do you know; for once in her life, Ann Coulter says something that I want to pay attention to.

While I don't doubt that this is just a ploy for attention and Ann will go back to delightfully ridiculing Hillary for daring to have a vagina as soon as the tide turns, I'd like to focus on the fact that most of the Republican punditry are reacting to McCain like someone just force-fed them ipecac. And while there's no way in Hell I'd go for a McCain presidency (just kidding, I totally want us to be in Iraq for a hundred years), has there been anyone who's been liked by the punditry who has some degree of success?

McCain is too soft. Huckabee is too honestly religious. Fred Thompson was their great white hope, but he sputtered and died. Giuliani... well, the less said the better. Hell, it seems like the only person who doesn't make the punditry spit with rage is... Romney.

Great. I just found the one thing worse than a McCain victory.

On a somewhat unrelated topic, man, it feels good to see Ann Coulter stuffed in the back closet. Now who's going to applaud wildly when she calls Hillary a dyketastic feminazi?

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