Friday, February 29, 2008


Nazi Pundits Fuck Off

So, remember when Bill O'Reilly tried once again to singlehandedly shift the narrative rightward by comparing DailyKos to Nazis and the KKK? Well, why would he abandon such a well-reasoned debate tactic?

O’Reilly: What’s the difference between the KKK and Arianna Huffington? What’s the difference?

Ham: I think there is a difference,.

O’Reilly: I don’t see any difference between Huffington and the Nazis. It’s her, It’s her, It’s her…I didn’t say she’s a Nazi.

So, she's a Nazi, but she's not a Nazi. You heard it here first, folks; Arianna Huffington is Schrodinger's Stormtrooper.

Of course, it's especially egregious in this case, seeing as Huffington's mother stood up against the Nazis during World War II. Then again, Bill O'Reilly isn't exactly the world's biggest expert on Nazis.

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