Thursday, February 21, 2008


Obama Seeks Your Precious Bodily Fluids

I'm sorry, really? Is this what the Obama slander train has come to?

Obama and I are roughly the same age. I grew up in liberal circles in New York City — a place to which people who wished to rebel against their upbringings had gravitated for generations. And yet, all of my mixed race, black/white classmates throughout my youth, some of whom I am still in contact with, were the product of very culturally specific unions. They were always the offspring of a white mother, (in my circles, she was usually Jewish, but elsewhere not necessarily) and usually a highly educated black father. And how had these two come together at a time when it was neither natural nor easy for such relationships to flourish? Always through politics. No, not the young Republicans. Usually the Communist Youth League. Or maybe a different arm of the CPUSA. But, for a white woman to marry a black man in 1958, or 60, there was almost inevitably a connection to explicit Communist politics. (During the Clinton Administration we were all introduced to then U. of Pennsylvania Professor Lani Guinier — also a half black/half Jewish, red diaper baby.)

"Obama was born on a Tuesday. So was Stalin! Eh, eh?" (Note: I do not know whether or not either personality was actually born on a Tuesday. In fact, the more inaccurate said statement is, the more it likely matches up with Schiffren's thesis.)

I don’t know how Barak Obama’s parents met.

"But welcome my conjecture on how he's the mixed-blood scion of a Communist plot to take over America."

Political correctness was invented precisely to prevent the mainstream liberal media from persuing the questions which might arise about how Senator Obama’s mother, from Kansas, came to marry an African graduate student. Love? Sure, why not? But what else was going on around them that made it feasible?

Yes, that is entirely why political correctness was invented: to keep dumb, affluent white conservatives from making wild gesticulations about how a white woman and a black man couldn't just naturally fall in love and embrace their feelings during that period of time, and how it must be the design of a deliberate Bolshevik experiment?

Before readers level cheap accusations of racism —

Too late.

let’s recall that the very question of interracial marriage only became a big issue later in the 1960s.

Yes, it wasn't like my home state of Massachusetts (read, the Commie state) didn't have any specific laws on the book regarding interracial marriage before the '60s. Oh, wait.

Seriously. Was it not enough to keep hitting the racism stump? You had to throw Communism in for flavor? Why not just go forward and say he had gay sex in an extremist madrassah? Or are you saving that one for October?

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