Monday, March 10, 2008



And Sally Kern wins this week's Dumbass Award. Take it away, Sally!

So, to recap that: we are a bigger threat to America than terrorism "or Islam" (it's two, two, two bigotries in one!), we're going to hasten the destruction of America, we go after kids as young as two for indoctrination, and we're a "cancer" (hey, does that remind you of everything?). I also love how she says she's "not gay bashing" at the start of the whole thing. It's like the "no punch backs" of bigotry.

So, do you think Kern's any bit sorry? Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Rep. Kern said the gay community, especially in Oklahoma, should not be surprised by her comments because she's made similar statements in the past.

Kern said the attention isn't necessarily wanted, but she says she won't shy away from her opinions and beliefs, either.

"What is wrong with me as an American exercising my free speech rights on a topic that is a very big issue today?" she said.

Nothing wrong with that. But you're an elected official. You're someone who has been chosen by the people of your state to help all the people, not just the non-gay, non-Muslim ones. You're on your state's education committee. You have authority over votes that protect kids from bullying, malice, and suicide based on their sexuality. And when you come out and state that you would consider any of those bills to be in support of a "cancerous" threat to America, it matters.

Then again, I highly doubt this woman cares if her actions have consequences.

It always drives me up the wall when someone reacts to negative criticism of their remarks by crying, "Free speech!" It's almost paradoxical, implying that people are somehow oppressing you simply by exercising their own right to free speech.
As I keep saying, "You've got the right to stand on any soapbox you want and shout whatever bullshit you believe. Doesn't mean we the people have to give you the megaphone."
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