Sunday, March 02, 2008


Yes, But He's My Agent Of Intolerance!

Hey, remember when John McCain actually had principles, and some of us liberals considered him a man who would stand up against the crackpots in the religious right? Yeah, that was fun while it lasted.

Yes, this is the same John Hagee who's at the forefront of the Christian Zionist movement, a movement dedicated to bringing about the end of the world. Yes, this is thee same John Hagee who views the Catholic Church as "the Great Whore of Revelation 17" (hey, McCain, weren't you vaguely Episcopalian back in the day?). Yes, this is the same John Hagee who said New Orleans had it coming for hosting a gay pride parade.

Y'know, I think the most startling part of this isn't that McCain's sold out his prior principles to accept an endorsement from Hagee (I mean, it's a month with a vowel in the name, right?), but the fact that I'm actually agreeing with William Freaking Donohue on something. Looks like the apocalypse is coming.

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