Thursday, May 01, 2008


A Different Way Of Patronizing The Flyover States

Stop it. Just... stop it.

See this? This is what postmodernists talk about when they describe the concept of the simulacrum -- an image representative of a meaning that can become divorced for what it's supposed to represent and carries on a representation of its own (ooh, look at me, I'm talking postmodernism! That makes me elitist). The concerns of the working class the media should be focusing on -- health care, labor, outsourcing -- are replaced with cheap little tokens that are supposed to represent the working class. Oh, never mind the fact that people are selling family heirlooms to stave off debt, Obama sucks at bowling!

I'm tired of people in New York and Washington, D.C., people with sizable paychecks and cushy media jobs, throwing about the label "elitist" like it actually fucking means something coming out of their mouths. If you're so concerned about the working class, then report on their issues rather than their trappings, for God's sake.

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