Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'm Perfectly Satisfied With My Complete Failure

As we all know by now, Scott McClellan has become the latest rat to desert the sinking ship (if that metaphor fits; by now, the ship should have hit the bottom of the Mariana Trench), publishing a book where he reveals that he knew all about the shit that was going on in the White House, and how he had been told to spin like a top and deny, deny, deny it all to the press. And while I'm amused by Karl Rove trying to attack McClellan by comparing him to "a left-wing blogger" (why thank you, Karl), all I can say is: What, you expect a fucking medal, Scott? You knew this was bullshit when you stood up there and threw it out to the public. You defended an administration you knew was in the wrong, one you knew was lying to the American public. And am I supposed to believe that Jeff Gannon just let himself in?

But there's something else to this whole story that fascinates me. Here's Scott McClellan, the man who fed the press corps poisoned apples for years, telling the media that he expected better of them. Hell, he openly attacks the idea of "the liberal media." Now, in all fairness, Katie Couric and Chris Matthews, of all people, have come forward and admitted their complicity. But even then, you have people like Charlie Gibson and Brian Williams, big veteran news casters heading up the nightly news on the major networks, praising the job they did covering the run up to the war. You even have Charlie Gibson, a so-called fucking news man, saying that "it is not our job to debate them."

You. Are. A. Journalist. You are not a town crier. You are not a publicity man. You are a mudraker, a pest, a hemorrhoid in the ass of the American system. You are the person who digs through the trash bins, looking through truth. You could have changed this. The Bush administration would probably have gone to war anyway, but you could have exposed their falsehoods and stopped this shit carrying on for four more years. Instead, you sat there and you took it like a whore, and then spread it all over the papers so that we'd all be waving little flags instead of middle fingers. And when we -- the people who realized from the beginning that Bush was fixing the facts, who realized that something very wrong was happening -- spoke up, you ignored us.

The man who spread the lies you fed on has admitted his complicity, and still you deny your faults. What will it take you to realize that you have done something wrong?

My hatred of and disgust with Charlie Gibson goes back ... well, since before you were born, probably. It was never anything I could put my finger on, either. Just kind of a knee-jerk violent reaction to the sight of his face and/or the sound of his voice. I shall now pat myself on the back for being such a good judge of character.
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