Friday, May 23, 2008


The Internet, Where Everyone Has Duct-Taped Glasses

Rule of law: If you're posting something on the Internet, you do not get to belittle your opponent by calling them a nerd. Because if you are posting something on the Internet, either on a message board or a blog that you check regularly, then you are, to some degree, also a nerd.

It's not just this case, where I find Mightygodking awesome and think that Cory Morgan can go take a flying fuck off a short pier. I've seen posts on Sadly, No! that mock the right-wing nutcase of the week for looking like a D&D player. In cases like that, what happens is something that makes the geek hierarchy chart look like an animated GIF: "I play D&D, but at least I don't play those White Wolf games!" "Hey, I play those White Wolf games, but at least I'm not one of those LARPers!"

This isn't about ad hominems; God only knows how many times I've launched into ad hominems on this blog. This is about lazy ad hominems. This is about emulating the high school hierarchy that we've had etched on our brains by every teen movie ever and not wanting to be the nerd. Guess what; if you regularly maintain or visit a message board or blog, you are, to some degree, a nerd. Accept it. Live with it. And stop trying to pretend you're above someone else because they are, also, a nerd.

I'm reminded of entertainment bloggers, especially those who specialize in some fiefdom of pop culture, using "Don't you have anything better to write/argue about?" as a line of criticism against other bloggers. I've seen it so often I'm surprised the hypocrisy hasn't opened a hole in space-time.
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