Monday, May 19, 2008


Nothing Like Sunday Morning Gay Bashing

You know, it's not even like I expect the Washington Post's editorial department to show any sense of neutrality any more. Between Howard Kurtz's glowing article on Michelle Malkin and Charlotte Allen's "I am woman, me am dumb" column-length turd, I have abandoned all sense of optimism and viewed the Post's editorial section as a clearinghouse for Republican screeds.

But Jesus Christ, guys, if you're going to host Republican commentary, you could at least host decent commentary. Instead, I get the mulch heap of recycled Republican talking points, delivered to me by Kathleen Parker. Let's see... the Democrats are out of touch with America (because they think there's something wrong with it, those predictable fools), Edwards is a trial lawyer who hurts people by standing up for them, and Edwards spends money on haircuts. Oh, and Edwards and Obama are totally gay lovers who no doubt gave each other hot karls* before the announcement, where they almost totally made out. Are you disgusted yet, Middle America?

I've given up expecting any balanced political commentary coming out of the Post. Looks like I have to give up on finding anything coherent coming out of the paper, too.

*If you don't know what that is, for the love of God, don't look it up.

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