Thursday, May 15, 2008


So Open Up That Golden Gate...

...California, here I coooooome!

California's Supreme Court declared that gay couples in the nation's biggest state can marry — a monumental but perhaps short-lived victory for the gay rights movement Thursday that was greeted with tears, hugs, kisses and at least one instant proposal of matrimony.

Same-sex couples could tie the knot in as little as a month. But the window could close soon after — religious and social conservatives are pressing to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in November that would undo the Supreme Court ruling and ban gay marriage.

This isn't over yet. Our brothers, sisters, and allies in California are going to have to fight to preserve this decision; at least Schwarzenegger's on record as saying he won't challenge it. Meanwhile, the candidates who are best supposed to represent us, Obama and Hillary, are turning out tepid press releases that mark them as being vaguely in favor of the decision but not willing to go out of their way to send flowers.

Still. This is an incredible landmark. And it's good to know that when I head out to California and find the guy of my dreams, I'll have all the legal protections afforded to me as to my straight friends and family. Thank you, California.

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