Monday, May 05, 2008


Where Have All The Smart People Gone?

Jesus Christ, Hillary.

Clinton raised questions about Obama's ability to connect with working-class Americans while dismissing economists who have said her plan to suspend gas taxes over the summer would do little good.

"I'm not going to put my lot in with economists," Clinton said when asked to name an economist who backed her proposal.

"We've got to get out of this mind-set where somehow elite opinion is always on the side of doing things that really disadvantage the vast majority of Americans," said Clinton, a former first lady who would be the first woman president.

"Somehow elite opinions"? They're fucking economists. They have gone to school, earned fancy degrees for the privilege of adding many letters to their names, and studied the latest trade journals for the latest theories to tell you whether or not your plans will fuck up the economy. This is their job. And when you can't find one big-name economist who backs up your plan, you don't just wash your hands and dismiss them as elitists.

You know, it was bad enough when the media did this, buying into a false image on elitism just because it made a nice convenient target. But now Hillary's getting on the bandwagon. She's just a common girl, y'know, a common Wellesley College graduate with millions of dollars. She'll chug beer, talk about shooting with her grandpa, and dismiss opinions from people with actual expertise if they clash with her own. If this is what the common American is like, then it's a wonder we haven't been invaded by Zimbabwe.

I'll still gladly vote for Hillary over McCain. But remember what happened the last time we elected someone who put on this common man minstrelsy?

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