Monday, June 23, 2008


Diatribe Of A Mad Black Woman

What Cal Thomas sees 24/7

Oh, look, it's time once again for the Obama campaign to indirectly dig up the racist undertones (and, hell, overtones) that run through life in 21st century America. Let's turn to FOX News, as we so often do when we need a good laugh. what sayeth you, Cal Thomas, about the visibility of black women on TV?

Thomas: And who are the black women you see on the local news at night in cities all over the country. They’re usually angry about something. They’ve had a son who has been shot in a drive-by shooting. They are angry at Bush. So you don’t really have a profile of non-angry black women.

So, the only black women we see on TV are the impoverished mothers of gangsters, who are of course angry all the time (if I didn't get bingo on my dog whistle card, I at least got tic-tac-toe). Won't S. Epatha Merkerson be surprised. And Whoopi Goldberg. And Sherri Shepherd. And Khandi Alexander. And... Well, Thomas does say that Oprah's the exception, because Oprah's the black woman it's okay for white people to know. But when talking about portrayal of Michelle Obama in the media, Oprah comes as an afterthought to all the rage-filled mothers of criminals. Gee, I wonder why.

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