Monday, June 09, 2008


"Sorry, Wendy, I Just Don't Trust Anything That Bleeds For Five Days And Doesn't Die."

As a male, I will never experience a menstrual cycle unless I take some really, really weird drugs. Then again, neither will most advertising executives. As a result, I've often heard women bitch out some of the really stupid advertisements for pads, tampons, and pain relievers, with slogans like, "Have a happy period."

And, while it does me (and other feminists) good to see Midol treating a period like, well, a pain... isn't the slogan, "Reverse The Curse" a bit too much? I'm not just saying this as a Red Sox fan, but as someone who realizes just how far back the perception of menstruation as "unholy" goes. There are actually passages in Leviticus about how a woman has to be put in a tent out back when she's having her period.

Yeah, it's not that big a deal in the long run. But still, you'd think that, after decades of marketing this stuff to woman, all the advertisers involved could reach a nice middle ground between "nothing at all" and "womb-rending horror from the Abyss."

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