Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Yes He Can

After months of campaigning, months of in-fighting, months of slander campaigns, months of meaningless debates over orange juice and bowling scores, Barack Obama has netted enough delegates for the Democratic Party nomination. By this point, the nomination's practically in the bag.

Now, I'm not pretending that Obama is some grand liberal messiah who will radically restructure politics as we know it. He's a left-centrist candidate who's said he'll accept prominent Republicans in his cabinet, after all. But I'm not asking for a gigantic tidal change. I'm asking for someone who can set this nation on the right path again. Someone who can get us out of Iraq. Someone who will close Guantanamo Bay. Someone who will put an end to legally-mandated torture. Someone who can clean up the mess left by the Bush Administration. And I believe Barack Obama is that person.

Besides, this is one hell of a milestone. First official black candidate for President of the United States. Here's to making history.

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