Tuesday, August 12, 2008


An Affair To Dismember

So, I've said nothing about the revelation that John Edwards had an affair. Well, where the hell do I start? First of all, I'm immensely disappointed. First of all, from a moral standpoint, I find it disgusting. At least Elizabeth know about the affair, but still, cheating on your wife when she's dealing with cancer? I don't care how fucked up your home life is, some things should not be done.

Second of all, from a political standpoint, this was incredibly fucking stupid. Not the affair; that was stupid on its own merits. Edwards went into the primary knowing this affair was a buried secret -- did he really think it wouldn't be dug up at some point? Did he really think that, if he became the candidate, it would just lie quietly? It's a good thing he dropped out.

But, despite all this, Edwards is a great advocate for the poor, and I'd hate to see his career destroyed over the same bullshit that Newt Gingrich was able to get away with on multiple occasions.

For me the whole scandal was a nice reminder why I watch broadcast news on PBS and nowhere else. When they had a few pundits on to discuss it, the whole affair was actually a sane, reasonable discussion of why coverage of the affair matters and what it means that the mainstream media was relatively slow to report on it. It was like being in a parallel world where our culture and media didn't go completely insane.
I'd love to enter this new world. With my luck, though, it would be Earth-3, and I'd have to deal with the Crime Syndicate.
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