Thursday, August 28, 2008


Your Lips Say Yes, But Your Eyes Say No

So, Hillary Clinton finally, finally gave her speech announcing her support for Barack Obama. She announced her unrivaled support for Obama. Hell, she's the one who led the effort to directly nominate Obama for candidacy. Whatever media narrative there was about Hillary's "bitterness" or "rivalry" has effectively been buried.

Yeah. Try telling the media that.

In her speech to the Democratic convention Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton urged fellow Democrats to vote for Barack Obama, and she did it in no uncertain terms -- verbally.

But did her body language match her words?

Body language expert and former FBI agent Joe Navarro says he doesn't think so.

Yes, you know, we could actually, for once in our lives, just listen to what someone says, but instead, we're going to dig as far down as we can for something, anything that backs up our conclusions. Because we have all the integrity of a wet paper sack.

God, sometimes the coverage just makes me want to punch something.

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