Thursday, April 14, 2005


Death is No Release... From Petty Bitching

So, apparently I found this amusing line of CafePress clothing from the people at Little Green Footballs. For the unitiated, LGF is what one would deem an "Ultrazionist" blog, regularly demeaning the entirety of Islam by putting an "ironic" "TM" next to "Religion of Peace" and referring to Palestinians by somewhat unflattering names ("Palesimians", anyone?). So, you may be wondering about the juxtaposition of a CAT bulldozer and "got syrup?"


It's a Rachel Corrie joke.

These people are dicks, douches, and ghouls. Not to say they're an unique brand of ghoul, or they're ghouls because their politics are right-of-center. No, they're ghouls for the same reason that Ted Rall is a ghoul; they can't stand that a person died for something they disagree with in an extremely violent fashion while not doing anything criminally wrong, so they ridicule and mock that person, hoping that everyone will agree with them and not think they're a monstrous assnut.

And you know what? It really isn't working.

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