Sunday, April 23, 2006

My, this is certainly fair and balanced (ganked from Shakespeare's Sister). Going from cannibal child murderers LiveJournals to sex on MySpace (seriously, people; we know that there's sex on MySpace. The only way you can shock us now is to talk about anything else on MySpace that's not related to sex), and those foul, filty commenters on leftist blogs. Of course, I notice that in his cavalcade of filth, Henninger has left out the intimidations enablers and death celebrants on the right. I wonder why.

Henninger doesn't like the language of the blogosphere and thinks we'll all dragging the culture down? Well, then, Henninger, I politely ask you, like a gentleman would, to take this opinion and gently put it in the place that Helios does not alight with his rays.

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