Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Hot Mannequin-on-Mannequin Action

So, apparently, Macy's put up two gay mannequins as part of a Boston Pride display. And, of course, Brian Camenker lost his shit and got the mannequins pulled.

“They were male mannequins with enlarged breasts, and one was wearing a skirt,” said MassResistance president Brian Camenker, referring to the gay pride flag wrapped around one figure, cinched with a white belt. “It was really disgusting.”

First of all, we call those pectorals, Brian. Gay men seem to be obsessed with them, but not with the point of turning them into mammaries. Second of all... well, the article says what I wanted to about the pride flag.

Camenker is a man who bitches about everything slightly vaguely gay in Massachusetts. Bowing to him, and just him, is like taking the word of a drug-sniffing dog with a cold. And yet, people still do. At least Macy's tried for some degree of balance, unlike our dickless governor.

for some good, sick mannequin fun, take a look at this!
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