Monday, November 20, 2006


Oh, They're Not "Activist Judges", They're "Freedom Judges"!

Gov. Mitt Romney, the man who has been waving the "activist judges" flag ever since Goodridge v. Massachusetts got handed down... the man who, just two weeks ago, proclaimed that "the sovereignity of the people [had] been trampled" because the legislature voted down putting gay marriage of the 2008 ballot... has just asked the Supreme Judicial Court to put the question directly on the ballot if the legislature does not vote on it before his term expires. Does this man even listen to the words that leave his mouth? And check this load:

"A decision not to vote is a decision to usurp the Constitution, to abandon democracy and substitute a form of what this nation's founders called tyranny, that is, the imposition of the will of those in power, on the people," Romney said earlier. "The issue now before us is not whether same-sex couples should marry. The issue before us today is whether 109 legislators will follow the Constitution."

When the legislature "flouts" the Constitution, it's tyranny. When Romney does it, it's good politics.

Forty-five days until we're done with you, you hypocritical, power-hungry jackass.

I suppose that if Mitt can't say he did everything he could to stop the evil gay people, then the LDS Church will have his legs broken.
See, it's funny when you talk about Mormons using violence, because nowadays*, that only promotes visions of "Cake or Death?".

*I say "nowadays." Back when the church first settled in Utah, there were some vicious motherfuckers at the top ranks.
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