Monday, February 26, 2007


And When Even I Don't Care...

Let's get this straight: I intensely dislike Mitt Romney. I hate how he passed himself off as a moderate, then turned conservative when he smelled presidential bait. I hate how he bowed to the whims of fundamentalists and almost scrapped one of the few good resources we have for gay and lesbian youth in this state. I hate how he claimed to be all about the will of the people, only to engage in his own version of "judicial activism". Most of all, I hate how he never stood up for-- nay, took every opportunity he had to shit on the people who elected him to political office.

So, when you have a story about a scandal relating to Romney and even I couldn't give a shit about it, you know you have problems.

So Mitt Romney's ancestors were polygamists. So the fuck what? Look at the histories of quite a few Mormon families, and I'm sure you'll find quite a few polygamists. It doesn't make them any less of a man that having a grandfather who shot a man or a grandmother who worked in a bar with women of "loose morals."

Remember, if you're going to throw shit at Romney, make sure it's about the stuff that actually matters.

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