Sunday, July 01, 2007


We Gays Have Mind Powers!

So, let me get this straight. A woman stands around at last month's Constitutional Convention, waving this sign:

A gay man comes up to her and, according to her own account, unleashes a sexually explicit torrent of questions. So she slaps him right across the face. Whose fault is this? That's right; the gay guy's.

Keep in mind that this is MassResistance, whose grip on reality could best be compared to hunting an eel in a barrel full of grease. But it's a perfect picture about how, no matter how twisted their speech becomes, no matter what actions they take when confronted on it, nothing people like this do is ever their fault. It's always the fault of those fags and their "sexually-laced invective" (by the way, that woman lost any right to moral superiority on the "sexually explicit" front the minute she whipped out the sign accusing every gay man in the vicinity of kidfucking). They can get arrested for smacking the hell out of someone who dares to question. They can get arrested for charging through a group of people and violating their permit. But it is never, ever their fault.

At least the burning martyrdom will keep them warm at night.

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