Friday, May 30, 2008


Dollars To Donuts

So, last weekend, I thought Michelle Malkin had finally jumped the shark. She and her fellow flying monkeys had latched onto Dunkin' Donuts for supporting terror. And how does Dunkin' Donuts support terror? Simple; spokesperson Rachael Ray wears a scarf that looks vaguely like a keffiyeh. Yes. That's right. Because a woman was wearing a black-and-white scarf with a checkered pattern around her neck, then that automatically means she's wearing a keffiyeh and lending support to the terrorists.

Now, I'd still be laughing about this, if Dunkin' Donuts hadn't honestly given in to Malkin's paranoid concerns. I can understand that Dunkin' Donuts probably didn't want to get into a hassle over a fucking costume element in one ad, but for God's sake, it's Michelle Malkin. The woman sees jihadis around every corner and under every bed. To yield to her madness means you've just given legitimacy to her crazy moon logic. I honestly expected better out of Dunkin' Donuts.

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